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Individual Coaching

Coaching is for you if you are an individual who is looking for a space to reflect, receive guidance and be empowered. Whatever it may be that is bothering you in your private or professional life – we will work through it together.

Coaching plus Yoga

This integrated approach is for you if you are looking for a way to work on mental issues through your physical body. We can take any topic to the yoga mat that you would like to explore and bring the wisdom of body and mind together.

Couples Counselling

Counselling for you and your partner – all constellations and orientations welcome. Let’s work out your relationship struggles together.

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My contact and booking forms are in German. But don’t worry, you always just send me an e-mail or WhatsApp and we will sort everything else out together.

in Frankfurt, VIA Zoom OR CHAT

How I work

What is most important to me when I work with clients is a warm and trusting atmosphere. We meet at eye-level and I am never here to judge.  As systemic counsellor and yoga teacher, I see myself as a sparring partner, companion and catalyser for change.

Appointments can take place as a face to  face meeting in my studio in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, virtually via Zoom or via WhatsApp Chat (or any other messenger) – whatever suits you best. You can choose what you prefer when booking your appointment.

I offer coaching sessions in German or English, and can also get by (but not work) in Spanish and French.

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My CV in a nutshell

  • Self employed as systemic counesllor and yoga teacher since 2019 (certified by the national organisation for systemic therapy „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie, Beratung und Familientherapie“ and Yoga Alliance). 
  • Yoga teacher for Eintracht Frankfurt Pro Team since 2021
  • Yoga teacher at the juvenile detention center in Frankfurt Preungesheim 2019-2023
  • Ongoing education and trainings
  • Doctorate in social sciences (political leadership and biography studies) 
  • 6 years experience in international corporations before I dropped out and started my own business

Why I love working with expats

I have repeatedly spent chunks of my life abroad, starting with one year of secondary school in Dublin, Ireland, at only 16. Since then, I have travelled parts of South America and spent 4 months in Argentina, where I met my (German) husband. I have spent a month each in Vietnam and Bali. I split my winters between Mallorca and Frankfurt and spend my Junes in France. 

You  get my point: I am curious about other cultures and I know what it’s like to live in a country that isn’t your own. Every one of these experiences has shaped me in its own unique way. So – I get you.


Amazing – in each session, you open up a brand new perspective for me that I have never thought about – even though I crammed my mind constantly.


Still mindblowing, I thought I had already considered every aspect, that there couldn’t be any more realisations. So: thank you! I really feel like you are a perfect fit for me.


You help me organize my mind every time I come. After our appointments I always feel so much lighter.


The blue elevator to Frauke’s studio is like a magic portal. Today day once again I went in frustrated and angry, and after 60 minutes I left feeling encouraged and empowered.


Gaining new perspectives from a „neutral“ person really helps me. In general, I think it’s important that executives like me take care of their mental health. Frauke helps me with that and I look forward to each session. Every time I learn a little something about myself and I feel like I can grow some more.


Frauke saved our marriage – no kidding. I don’t know what we would have done without our counselling sessions with her. Now, years later, we swe still sometimes see her, as a couple or individually. For relationship stuff, work stuff, kids stuff. The sessions always help a great deal – thank you.

G. & L.

Frauke and I mostly talk via WhatsApp – and I can only recommend it. I feel like she is right there in the trenches with me. I can reach out whenever I need support and Frauke gets back to me within hours, sometimes minutes. I can re-read our chats over and over again and I can answer whenever I want. That also means I don’t have to take a full hour out of my busy days for a session. Thank you for making this possible.


No strings attached: your chemistry check

There won’t be any strings attached when we first get together. It’s important to me that you can get a good first impression of our work together  – and then make your decision. 

I will only charge your for our first appointment if, 30 minutes into our meeting, we both decide that it’s a good idea to keep going forward together.

right at the River in Sachsenhausen

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