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my name is Frauke Kuhn.
After various stations in the corporate world, I am now doing what I love most:
Personal Yoga Training & Coaching.
My career path began in corporate communications and political consulting. As a personal speaker at the division manager and CEO level, I have worked extensively with senior level executives. I understand the corporate world, know the daily challenges and the specific pressures.

One of my main focuses is therefore to counteract the stress factors that come with a responsible job through yoga and counseling.

The focus of my coaching and consulting work is on topics such as personal and professional development, relationships and communication. I see myself as a sparring partner for personal and professional issues and ask you the necessary questions so that you can find the right answers for yourself.
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Yoga means much more to me than bending the body into the most seemingly aberrant positions. For me, besides building strength and flexibility, the meditative and relaxing side of yoga is always in the foreground. In the meantime, yoga is for me an attitude with which I go through life.

I love to bring yoga closer to people who have had little or no contact with it, who may also be a bit skeptical. I've always been a bridge builder between different worlds, and that's how I see myself as a yoga teacher and consultant: today I work with top athletes and CEOs as well as schoolgirls and young professionals. I am a volunteer juror at the local court and teach yoga at the Preungesheim Women's Prison.

I especially like to combine my two fields of work and use an integrated approach of Yoga and Systemic Counseling. I am convinced that the interaction of both worlds has a beneficial and effective effect on body and mind.

Originally I come from near Göttingen, where I was born in 1983. I feel at home with my husband and my chocolate brown Labrador Coffee in Frankfurt's Brückenviertel.

My values


Everything we discuss remains between us.


Gute Kommunikation ist alles. Ich bin immer auf kurzem Weg erreichbar.


Bei mir ist jede*r willkommen. Kein Körper ist 'zu unflexibel' für Yoga, kein Problem 'zu unwichtig' fürs Coaching.


Wir bauen auf Ihre Stärken auf, sowohl im Yoga als auch im Coaching.

Education and career
Since 2019 self-employed as a yoga teacher and systemic consultant
2017-2019 Training as Systemic Consultant (Praxis Institut Hanau, DGSF-certified)
2018 Yin & Yang Yoga Teacher Training (Yogabliss Bali, Yoga Alliance Certified)
2015-2019 Corporate communications and human resources development for a publicly traded financial institution.
2013-2015 Assistant to the CEO of an international political and communications consulting agency
2008-2013 PhD in social sciences (political leadership and biographical research).
2003-2008 Master's degree in Media & Communication Studies and Political Science

Further education: (selection)

Yoga therapy (Ilana Begovic)
Yoga therapy for orthopedic diseases (Tina Radke)
Yoga Therapy for the Shoulder (Dr. Ronald Steiner)
Yoga therapy for the back (Dr. Ronald Steiner)
Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama (Gregor Maehle)
Yoga Philosophy (Gregor Maehle)
Pre- and Postnatal Yoga (Bliss Baby Yoga, Yoga Alliance certified)
Yoga & Trauma (The Yoga Impact Charity)
Introduction to Meditation (Buddhist Center Frankfurt)
Body therapy (Praxis Institut Hanau, DGSF-certified)
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Buchen Sie jetzt Ihren ersten Termin

Personal Yoga Training

Quality Time mit Dir selbst - so individuell wie Du. Bedürfnisorientiert, für Beginner und Fortgeschrittene. Jeder in seinem eigenen Rythmus.

Yoga & Coaching

Der integrierte Ansatz ermöglicht es Ihnen, Ihr Thema ganzheitlich zu bearbeiten - geistig, emotional und körperlich.

Coaching & Paarberatung

für alle, die etwas an ihrem Leben verändern möchten – mehr Zufriedenheit, harmonischere Beziehungen oder besserer Umgang mit Stress.

I look forward to meeting you!